Senior Art Director at Publicis Sapient focused on solving human problems at scale through innovation and product thinking

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Things I like to show to others👇🏻

Team: Aniket Jain & Rachit Pandey

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A gamified app that rewards user on waking up from sleep


Handpicked life

E-commerce platform for modern lifestyle

Team: Alisha Chouhan, Vaishali Raheja

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Feature request management tool for SaaS companies

An AI driven money management app

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Team: Ram Vishwakarma, Harikesh Chaturvedi

My Forte

Product Design

I’ll help to disambiguate hazy requirements to shape a product from idea to deployment. And I mean it!


 I create design that stick to your eyes. I do unusual interactions up a notch that bolsters the project

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When it comes to UX, it’s all about communicating with businesses and peers to take right design decisions

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Platforms I have worked on

I love helping

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I would be happy for discussion on range of topics

Thinking about a topic or portfolio review?

What they expressed

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Parna Sarkar


Walkover Inc.

Excellent Mentor & Empathetic  Designer

Divesh is opinionated and puts forward his perspective, respecting the other person's views which is exactly how an empathetic guide would do. Apart from being a seasoned designer, he is also extremely down-to-earth and is great to work with. He makes the team conversations comfortable and fun at the same time shows true insights of leadership.

A few of the places I worked

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I designed this website from scratch @2021

Based in Pune, India 🇮🇳