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Rewake App

An interactive alarm app that motivates the user to wakeup by reward points


Personal project


UX Research, UI Design, Prototyping and Motion


UX /UI Designer

Changing user behaviour to wake them up early morning

How might we motivate someone to get up and start a productive day with an interactive alarm?

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Motivation is missing

According to research, motivation isn’t something that just comes to you and have to find it in passionate work aspects, things that interest you, make fun for you, or which makes you genuinely enjoy.

Lots of people set the alarm curiously with good intentions, knowing that the time they need to get up to meet the day's demands, but then the alarm clock seems to ring way before they're ready to rise, so they're hitting snooze and, eventually they either run late after waking up or they sleep as much as possible.

Connecting the dots

Firstly, I started thinking about how the problem is connected with different parameters

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Wants and needs

1. To wake up early 

2. To buy tech products

3. To exercise in the morning
4. To read books
5. To travel
6. To communicate with friends

7. Long weekend

Octalysis Framework in system

The Octalysis Framework is a human-centric gamification design framework that lays out the eight core drives for humans motivations.

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1. Accomplishment & Development

In this drive, the user focuses on developing and finding his skills which eventually overcome the challenge by achievements of badges or trophies. So I used this in the app to go through their stages of sleep where they can track their sleep, after completion of sleep on weekly basis, they will be rewarded with some reward points

2. Ownership & Posession