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Trackee - A money management app

UX Research, Branding, UI Design, Prototyping 


Personal project


UX Research, Branding, UI Design, Prototyping 


UX /UI Designer


In a cashless world, people experience difficulties in maintaining and tracking their daily expenses. How might can we create a platform for user to track and analyze daily expenses


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Design Approach

I took the approach of 4D Double diamond process (Discover, Define, Deliver & Develop)

I started doing research on how and what type of people face challenges in their own daily expenses and created hypothesis that users lack saving of money and they somehow feel demotivated with respect to finances

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Desk research & Personal interviews

We as a team started discussing and asking so many questions to one another on the expenses on which they expend and the experiences how they get when they get quarrelsome empty pockets.

So, to figure out I dived deeply and asked subjective questions to people in my networks through one one conversations and on internet too.

Quantitative research

I sent a set a survey questions to users with different age groups and locations and collected 100+ responses in total.

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User journey

To know the journey and mindset of user I divided the expenses in month. The reason of dividing month in four weeks is because usually salary, pocket money, or stipends are credited in monthly basis. So I tracked and jotted down few points about user journey below.

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  • Most our target users belongs to 18-26 age group

  • Money management is really a tiresome job for user

  • Users are unable to track and manage their expenditures

  • The monthly income of users is ranging for minimum 5k-35k whereas their expenditure lies beyond their income range

  • Almost 68.5% of people use online payment mode

  • Most of the people feel lack of money in the month end and wants to  track their expenditure

I chose three personas to dive more deeper about their demographics and empathized on their needs, wants and frustrations

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 11.20.36 PM.png

Student, 21
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 11.20.46 PM.png

IT Professional, 30
Pune, Maharashtra

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 11.21.12 PM.png

Home maker, 43
Gwalior, India


I chose three personas to dive more deeper about their demographics and empathized on their needs, wants and frustrations

Goal statement

  • To track and analyse monthly income and expenditure

  • To provide them freedom to regulate their expenditure on daily basis

  • To fulfill their monthly wishlists through savings

  • To motivate users to save money

Card sorting and User flows

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I used card sorting method to  organize topics into groups and debrief the user and did rough sketches to know the exactly about user flows.

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UI Designs

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Next Project

Rewake app

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