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I 'm going to explain my creative process in few steps 



1. Understanding the Brief

This is our first interaction where I will outline your objective, company background information, scope of project, project timeframes and your team. Overall, we will understand how we can work together.

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2. Why? What? How?

I will try to make here is that when I ask you & your team “What” we work on, "Why" it is necessary, & "How" we can improve, it becomes very easy to get carried away with internal discussions, technical details and completing features. This in turn gives us well focussed oriented goal 

3. IA & Wireframes

In this stage I will be going to make whole ideas into organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way. It might be Web or app platforms. However, the goal here is to make relevant ideas into applicable and recognizable flows and journeys for users.

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4. Interaction & UI Design

Hey! let's make project goals into live prototypes. This is almost final stage, I will make interactions with an interface to accomplish goal(s), whether it's buying something, getting somewhere, contacting someone, and so forth.
The ultimate goal is to make visually appealing, functional and powerful designs for user to accomplish goal by performing constants feedback sessions.

5. Feedbacks

Feedback is the very important & key indicator of user experience. I will listen and gather lots of information from you and team.

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6. Usability Testing

This stage gives you the valuable insights from your users regarding how they interact with your product and make changes based on the results. I will make 100% usable by people and we can carry out tests and verifications with users to reiterate the design changes

7. Client Deliverables

Last but not the least, I will make sure to handover the entire project in the form of asset or document or whichever you prefer.

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So, Let's kickstart!


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